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Honeywell WSK-24 Occupancy  Sensor

Honeywell is pleased to announce the new WSK-24 Wireless Occupancy Solution!  The Wireless Occupancy Solution includes a 24V receiver, wireless passive infrared occupancy sensor and a wireless door sensor. The Wireless Occupancy Solution works with the Honeywell SuitePRO, MultiPRO, T7350 and any thermostat or controller with dry contact remote setback terminals.  WSK-24 comes as a kit, with both sensors already preconfigured to the wireless receiver.

From hotels to dormitories, managing occupant comfort and energy savings is an ongoing debate.  The Wireless Occupancy Solution helps solve this problem.  The occupancy sensor and door sensor work in conjunction to ensure that the thermostat will not shift into setback mode when a room is occupied to maximize occupant comfort.  On the contrary, there is no need to waste energy heating or cooling an unoccupied room, so the Wireless Occupancy Solution will let the thermostat know when the room is unoccupied.  An optional second door sensor provides even more energy savings by putting the thermostat into setback mode whenever a sliding door or window is left open.

Honeywell WSK-24 Occupancy Sensor

Click on the above image for a Power Point Training module.

Click here to download the Honeywell WSK-24 Wireless Sensor Brochure.