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AIC Wireless Offerings

AIC a new era in Wireless Solutions for Building Automation!

The wireless products developed by AIC Wireless are readily available for any building automation, control or monitoring application. The devices are a reliable low-cost alternative to long runs of LonBus, BACnet, Modbus, Ethernet, RS485 for establishing communications to previously unreachable locations, due to the lack of existing communications architecture.
The AIC Wireless devices are shipped ready to install, with a true plug-and-play set-up requiring no special programming
or commissioning tools.

With applications deployed within a few hundred feet to over 6 miles, 900Mhz frequency (902Mhz-928Mhz).
AIC Wireless has the solution to any controls or monitoring project.

Click on any of the images below for more detailed information.

WLD900                        WLD242                       WBT900

                          WLD900-LR                                        WLD242                                        WBT900       
             Transport LonWorks data                      Transport LonWorks data                Transport BACnet MSTP
             over short or extended ranges                 over short or extended ranges           data over short or extended
             using 900 MHz frequency.                      using 2.4 GHz frequency.                  ranges using 900 MHz frequency.

WBT900-IP                        WMT900                      WTM900-TCP

                           WBT900-IP                                         WMT900                                    WMT900-TCP         
             Transport BACnet IP data over             Transport Modbus RTU data           Transport Modbus TCP data
             short or extended ranges using 900         over short or extended ranges          over short or extended ranges
             MHz frequency.                                     using 900 MHz frequency.               using 900 MHz frequency.                                                                            

AIC900E                       AIC485                                                          

                           AIC900E                                             AIC485         
            Transport Ethernet data over                  Transport RS485 data over           
            short or extended ranges using                short or extended ranges using       
            900 MHz frequency.                              900 MHz frequency.

AIC Wireless antenna selections

                                     6dB Yagi                    9dB Yagi              11dB Yagi           Low Profile 3dB

                                 Base Omni 3dB             Base Omni 6db                              Low Profile 2.4Ghz