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Honeywell Spyder Controllers & Zio Wall Module
 BACnet & Lonworks
The Spyder Sylk Enhanced has a two-wire polarity insensitive bus providing support for the new Zio LCD wall module. Zio is truly the latest in LCD digital technology that delivers amazing flexibility and quick access to system information.

Spyder Sylk Enhanced controllers provide the flexibility that you could only previously get from units priced hundreds of dollars higher. You’ll reduce your installation, programming and servicing time all while using a controller that adapts to your air-handling needs rather than forcing you to buy a more expensive model.
Plus, with the new addition of a two-wire, polarity-insensitive bus — the Sylk — you can easily use the new Honeywell Zio
LCD wall module for even more flexibility.

Honeywell's new Spyder Controller is available in four models  Spyder Sylk, Spyder Micro, Spyder Vav and Spyder BACnet models all available and in stock Now!

Spyder BACnet adds legs to Your Control Options

Click on the images below for detailed information.

Spyder Controllers Sylk Enabled

Click here to download the New Spyder Sylk Enhanced Brochure.

ZIO Wall Module


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Spyder™ Goes To School


Sycamore School in Indianapolis, Ind., provides a full-time educational environment for gifted children, with the hope that young people who attend will make major positive contributions to their communities and the world in the years ahead. The school’s campus, originally purchased in 1996 with one building at 56,000 square feet, had recently expanded to 118,000 square feet.  Old HVAC equipment was cooling the air faster than it could remove humidity. School administrators turned to local HVAC expert DEEM, who recommended the smart solution of Honeywell’s Spyder Controller.

Click here to download the Case Study – “Spyder Goes To School” Form Number: 63-9747.