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Introducing Tridium 


Tridium is the company that devolped the NiagaraAX universal framework which allows you to solve the challenges associated with managing different system protocols under one web based platform. Tridium's
core technology Niagara is Java-based and provides a software interface that allows you to combine multiple devices into a unified platform that can be easily managed in real time over a local TCP/IP connection or the internet using a standard web browser.

Niagara technology has been applied to energy services, security card access, building automation and the industrial automation markets.

NiagaraAX is a software framework and development environment that solves the challenges associated with building Internet-enabled products, device-to-enterprise applications and distributed Internet-enabled  automation systems.  

NiagaraAX takes that concept to the next level.
The core concept of Niagara is its unique, patented component model that transforms the data from diverse external systems into uniform software components. These components form the foundation for building applications to manage and control the devices. In Niagara R2, the component model focused primarily on modeling data from the various systems to create a uniform data set for applications. 

The NiagaraAXcomponent model goes beyond unifying protocols and data from diverse systems, to unify the entire development environment used to build applications. The concept of a software framework that could normalize the data and behavior of diverse devices, regardless of manufacturer or communication protocol, to enable the implementation of seamless, Internet-connected, web-based systems. 

The key requirements that guided the development of NiagaraAX included:

Creating a uniform software environment and component model across all layers of the device-to-enterprise solution stack. This means that whether you are building a small controller or a comprehensive enterprise application, with NiagaraAX , developers work in the same programming environment with the same tools;

Providing open APIs to all system services and an extensible component model that enable partners to develop their own applications, plug-ins and drivers independent of Tridium;
Providing all-inclusive support for web-services data handling and communications with enterprise applications;
Enabling large system scalability and a distributed processing architecture over any Internet, Intranet or Wireless network.
NiagaraAX provides the environment, tools and services to enable partners to develop products and applications quickly and easily.
Click on the Tridium AX demo site below for the live demo. 

                                                            Click  here  to enter Niagara Central Forum

Tridium Demo