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WebStat Demo

Introducing Honeywell's WebStat Controller

Building Automation With A New Spin — Savings

Untangle Management Complexity

Program, make adjustments, acknowledge alarms, view floor plans, monitor trends and more from anywhere in the world using any computer with Internet access.

One Tool For All

By combining programming, commissioning and graphics into a single device, (tool, ui ), Webstat lets you mesh simplicity with savings.  The ability to program, commisssion, design, and schedule from a single Web-browsing environment speeds up engineering, eliminates software installation problems, and lowers your total installed cost.

Assigned Control For Ultimate Comfort

WebStat allows you to customize what your users can see and not see with access setup of tenant, facility manager and contractor views.

WebStat Demo

Click on WebStat for online demo.

2 options for login:


Facility manager user level:
           USER ID = engineer,  PASSWORD = engineer

 Contractor user level:
       USER ID = honeywell, PASSWORD = honeywell

Webstat Arc

Click here to download the WebStat Brochure.

Configure a maximum of 20 thermostats on a single network.